The first three poems featured were written by young people at the workshops with Joyti Grecht.

The first poem, 'Chi Chi Chi' is by Juned reflecting on the damage caused by drug abuse. 

The second is by Halima Begum about how parents always worry about what people will say about their children's behaviour. 

The third poem is by Foyzur Basit about the terrible loss of his father.

Further poems were included in the Swadhinata Trust magazine and have been reproduced here: 'Txt bhondu' by Khudeja Mannan; 'No Escape' by Nilima Ali; 'Observer' by Tahimina Sharmin and 'A Cup of Cha' by Rabeya Alam.

More recent additions to the poems on the site are, 'Time' by Jamirun Nessa and 'What will you do?' by Husne. These are from the March 2004 edition of Bengali Info magazine.

Also reproduced here are poems by established and classical Bengali Poets. Examples are the Beginning by Rabindranath Tagore, one of Bengal's greatest poets and a translation of Lalon from Songs of Lalon Fakir By Samir Dasgupta. Also included is Prayer for Rains and the Brave of Heart by Abu Zafar Obaidullah.

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