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International Groups working in Bangladesh

Daneford Trust
The Daneford Trust is an educational charity which creates opportunities for educational, cultural and volunteer exchange by supporting young people from London, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. The Trust was established in 1982 and is based in the East London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Sylhet Partnership
The Sylhet Partnership was formed in July 1996 when the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and Sylhet signed a historic economic and twinning accord between the regions. This pledged to: Increase co-operation and understanding between the two municipalities; Encourage mutual trade and investment; Promote both Tower Hamlets and Sylhet as magnets for economic growth; Transfer for agreed themes: expertise, management models and methodology between the two regions; Develop and build upon the cultural and social relationship between the two communities; Develop work on areas of collaboration and mutual interest (with the first of these being the Sylhet Partnership Project with our third partner Horsens).

University of Stirling Aquaculture and fish genetics research programme (AFGRP)
The AFGRP carries out aquaculture research in Bangladesh and other countries around the world. In addition AFGRP has been working with the Eden Project to develop a rice-fish exhibit to help celebrate International Year of Rice within the Humid Tropic Biome on-site in Cornwall. The display demonstrates the role that fish play in rice fields as part of both integrated pest management (IPM) and decentralised seed production systems being developed in Bangladesh.

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