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Spitalfields family   credit: © Phil Maxwell

Bengalis in the UK settled in big cities with industrial employment. In London Bengali's settled in the East End. For centuries the East End has been the first port of call for many immigrant groups. The Mosque in Brick lane is the living witness to this tradition. The mosque has previously been a synagogue of the Jews and prior to that, it was a church of the French Huguenots. See South Asian Migration Histories Timeline on the Moving Here website and the website of the East End council, the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

The Bengali people are proud of their history and Bangladesh is home to much diversity and culture. The country has ruins dating back to ancient Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim dynasties.The ancestors of the people of Bangladesh came from many races: Austric, Dravidian, Mongolian, Aryan and so on.It is against this rich background that the cultural aspects of the Bengali people have been shaped reflecting a rich aesthetic past. There are little opportunities for young Bengali's to gain insight into their background. The Swadhinata Trust aims to provide opportunities for all of this.

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