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The Swadhinata Trust's launch event for Tower Hamlets 2000 Other Peoples' Houses was a multimedia club night created for and with young people. Click on 'Party' to see what a success it was. Workshop   credit: © Daniele Lamarche

Incorporated into the night were the collaborative performances created by young people working with Asian Dub Foundation Education, poet Joyoti Grech and visual jockey Coco. Click on 'Workshops' for more.

The performances, which reflected the young Bengali participants' hopes, fears and aspirations about growing up in Britain today, amalgamated spoken word with visuals and live sound. To see examples of the poems please go to the poem page.

At present Swadhinata Trust is busy preparing the next edition of its magazine 'Bengali Info'. If you are interested in contributing, please click on 'Magazine' in the menu panel.

There are plans for further events and activities click on 'Plans' to find out more.

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