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This is a summary of findings from a research project entitled "Contours of the ethnic welfare state in London and Los Angeles" by Dr Geoff DeVerteuil, School of Geography, University of Southampton. (PDF, 324KB)

Bangladesh's Quest for Closure. Can the execution of Mujib’s assassins finally deliver the country from its darkest chapter? By Salil Tripathi (PDF, 8.9MB)

A Global Commodity within a Rising Empire: The History of Bengali Raw Silk as Connective Interplay between the Company Bahadur, the Bengali Local Economy and Society, and the Universal Italiam Model, c.1750-c.1830 by Roberto Davini, European University Institute, Florence, February 2008 (PDF, 459KB)

Brick Lane in danger of losing its spice? By Sean Carey of The Guardian

To The Everest by Farhana Urmee of The Daily Star

Bengali Lunch

Fundamentalism and the 'faith industry' in Tower Hamlets, by Ansar Ahmed Ullah, May 2014

Taking stock: Respect, SWP and Islamist politics in Tower Hamlets, by Jamil Iqbal and Richard Phillips

Travel article: Lured by the Beach Side of a Beleaguered Land in Bangladesh, by Jeff Koyen, December 2006

An Emotional Return to Bangladesh -- After 43 Years, by Bernard-Henri Levy, December 2014

From Brick Lane to Bengali Avenue by Gareth Potts, February 2015, DVoice, Detriot, Michigan, US

The Bengal Famine: How the British engineered the worst genocide in human history for profit by Rakhi Chakraborty, August 2014

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