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Brick Lane is home to our social enterprise, the Pickle Project. By immersing people in an area with real culture, history and interesting people, we are able to provide unique learning opportunities for companies that want to develop, entertain and inspire people. As well as broadening people’s minds through events and training, the Pickle Project aims to make a real difference to people’s lives through the unique activity of creating a new food brand in one day to sell for the benefit of others. In addition to supporting the local community in Tower Hamlets, we’ve also been raising money to support projects far away in Bangladesh, South Africa and Kenya.

If you would like to know more details about the Pickle Project event watch the film at http://www.pickleproject.org/ or see the attached summary.

Pickle Project by Altyerre June 2010 (PDF 1.29MB)

Altyerre Pickle Project: Unilever Event 2nd March 2010 creative learning & development for 80 Unilever staff. Swadhinata Trust was one of the partners with Carnivale Bar, Sheraz restaurant and Sparks Studio.

Available video

The Pickle Project - Altyerre - inspiring people.pdf

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