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Project 3 - Baseline Study
The broad objective of the Sylhet Partnership project is to improve the living and environmental conditions for those living and working in urban areas.

This broad objective has been split into certain specific objectives:

Strengthen Sylhet City Corporation skill base to develop high quality, relevant public services through the introduction of best, practice, organisational development, transfer of technical knowledge and expertise.

Alleviate urban poverty through creating local employment opportunities, including sustainable growth for entrepreneurs.

Ensure strong equitable governance and leadership through a partnership forum model.

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Project 4 - Urban Management - A Waste Management Framework for Sylhet City Corporation

As part of its programme to assist in the improvement of the City Corporation Services, the Sylhet Partnership produced a Framework for Waste Management in Sylhet. A copy of the full framework document is available via the link below.

Project Officers being interviewed by Bangladesh Television outside the Sylhet Partnership Composting Plant

A scheme has been set up in accordance with the framework, which involves collection and processing of waste and the production of fertilizer as a saleable end product.

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Project 5 - Health and Poverty Demonstration Project
Improving health, hygiene and sanitation in city slums.

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For further detailed information on the Baseline Final, Project BID, Sylhet waste Management & Wastemonpilot, email:

Demonstration Projects
A key element of the Sylhet Partnership Project is for a number of ‘demonstration projects’ to be developed. Some projects have now been developed and we envisage the forward strategy for each project will leave behind the infrastructure to support continued developments in the particular field.

Project 1 - Better Environment for Education (BEE)
At the inaugural Shadow Partnership Board meeting on the 17th February 2001, it was agreed that an 'Early Win' project should be developed in the first 6 months of the project in order to:

Sustain the interest of the local people in Sylhet

Further strengthen the trust & confidence of local people through demonstrating early successes

Engage and involve local people in the project through practical and viable activities

To create a 'early' impact on the locality and its residents

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Project 2 - Business Sector Project
This project is looking to set up a leisure & recreational complex in Sylhet, on an easily accessible site.

The objective is to set up a facility that will provide modern leisure and recreational amenities. These include:

Artificial lakes with boating facilities
Artificial hills (‘hillocks’)
Children’s amusement area
Restaurants & hotels
A health club & swimming pool
A cinema
A small zoo
Picnic areas
Science park and planetarium

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