Delwar Hossain Dilu

Delwar Hossain Dilu Audio Summary :

Delwar Hossain Dilu:

Track One 00:05:05. May 14th 2017. Dillu loves Bengali music and grew up back home in Bangladesh with Bengali culture, music, rhythms and songs. These are his roots and important to him and Bengali people. But music is also for all, not only Bengali people. The mela carries a huge meaning for Bengali people. People wait all year for it. People come from Europe for this Mela. Dillu sings Lalon, Baul, and other folk songs. He was self-taught in Bangladesh. When he sees people loving his song it inspires him to keep going (00:05:05)

Zubel Ahmad

Zubel Ahmad Audio Summary :

Zubel Ahmad :

Track One 00:00:36. May 14th 2017. Zubel Ahmad came from London Borough of Camden for the Mela. He comes to see his friends and brings his family along. He enjoys Bangladeshi culture, celebrations, and remembers these kind of events from when he was small. He remarks how it is a really good event and he gets to see everybody (00:00:36)

Nasrin Begum

Nasrin Begum Audio Summary :

Nasrin Begum :

Track One 00:02:20. May 14th 2017 Nasrin Begum is 36 years old. She comes to the Mela to have fun and eat food. She describes street food which you do not normally get at other times, like mango with chilli and coriander, and pita with sweet coconut. She likes seeing everyone in cotton saris, worn for this occasion. She enjoys family contacts, meeting friends, and listening to poetry and music (00:02:20)

Boishakhi Mela 2017

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 Boishakhi Mela Music Recordings: